About Accepted to College

Accepted to College badgeThe idea for AcceptedToCollege.com started in 2007. A family member asked me a question about college admissions, and I started searching around the web to find an answer. It seemed, though, that every website I found was either a bottomless quagmire of links and backlinks to sites full of advertising and devoid of content, or were pages devoted to selling overpriced and dubiously helpful sessions with "admissions gurus".

Even worse, it took me hours of wading through advice that I knew would hurt applicants rather than help them before I found the information that I was looking for. I knew that something was wrong and that something had to change.

Brian CavnerMy name is Brian. I am the sole contributor of articles to AcceptedToCollege.com. I have been a standardized test instructor for both the SAT and ACT for a large, nationwide test preparation company. I have worked side-by-side with undergraduate admissions officers recruiting, analyzing, and ultimately accepting college applicants. And most importantly, I have searched the web for the most quality and up-to-date content available.

I am not selling consulting services and I am not hiding vapid content behind walls of advertisements. All I am doing is using my experience and expertise to help you to get accepted to college.