Carnival of College Admissions: 1st Edition

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Welcome to the first edition of the Carnival of College Admissions. Eleven articles were submitted and nine have been selected for publication. I am pleased to be able to host the first ever carnival and bring you all the submissions. Click on the graphic above for more information about this cooperative effort or to submit a write-up of your own for next week's edition.Read on for all of the excellent articles from The Carnival of College Admissions: 1st Edition:

Carnival of College Admissions: 1st Edition

  • To start us off, admissions blogger and parent Johnny Rogers of College Tidbits shares some tips about a common dilemma students face: Getting Into College with Poor Grades. John says, "when I was growing up nobody ever bothered mentioning to me about the importance of having good grades... I kid you not" and he doesn't want you to make the same mistake. He offers some good, practical advice for students in all grade situations and is a must-read if your GPA is a little bit less-than-stellar.
  • Next, James of SAT Exam Prep offers nine solid SAT Test Taking Tips. In my opinion, his best tip is his first: "Take the exam with energy and focus. Do not entertain negative thoughts and do not let tough questions panic you. Remember, you can always go back to that question later and do the others first."
  • In a similar vein, O'rene Ashley of CEOmum presents College Board Sues Test Prep Company - Beware, warning test preparation companies of the dangers of using College Board materials in their classes. Consumers may be better served by using the larger prep companies instead of smaller, local teachers simply to avoid these types of legal hassles.

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  • Squiddo has some great techniques about What You Must Do on Your College Applications. The article not only provides 7 things all students should do on their applications, but also 7 more things students shouldn't do. Keeping both checklists beside you before submitting your applications is a great idea.
  • Shifting gears, Ted Reimers of CampusGrotto weighs the Pros and Cons of going to an Online College. Ted says, "now with stricter accreditation, online colleges have received a better reputation in the field of education, and provide a great service to those who are currently in the workforce trying to improve their skills and advance their careers." If you still need help figuring out if distance learning is right for you, this article may help you decide.
  • I also wanted to highlight an article of my own here at Accepted to College which has been the most visited article so far in March, The "Gap Year": When It's a Good Idea to Take a Year Off Before Starting College. So many students rush into college, but some may actually benefit from taking a year off first. Read the article to find out if it applies to you and what you can do during your gap year.

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A big thank you to everyone who submitted articles to this first ever Carnival of College Admissions. Submit an article to the next edition by using the submission form. Editions come out weekly, so make sure to check back next week for the latest college admissions articles. Also, feel free to contact me if you're interested in hosting an edition of the carnival.

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Congratulations on your first Carnival! All the articles look great, and I hope this is just the first of many successful collections.

Thanks so much for including *both* of my articles. I really thought you'd just pick one or the other. But hey, you're the Carnival Master so you know best!

- Sarah Rainsberger, 03/18/08 at 8:26 pm

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