Carnival of College Admissions: 3rd Edition

Welcome to the third Carnival of College Admissions. Eleven articles were submitted this time, and all of them provide some great advice.

This will be my last week hosting the Carnival of College Admissions for a short while because I have two guest hosts lined up for the next couple of weeks. Make sure to give them both plenty of articles to feature by clicking the links above to submit a post of your own for next week's edition. Or if you would like to host an edition yourself, be sure to e-mail me and let me know that you're interested.

Read on for all of the excellent articles from the 3rd Edition of The Carnival of College Admissions:

Carnival of College Admissions: 3rd Edition

  • Class of 2012: Welcome to Free Agency over at Go College tells newly accepted students about the difficulty in picking a college to attend, and also provides some things to think about when making the choice.
  • When choosing the college, though, do not be too persuaded by the student-to-faculty ratios the colleges put out, according to Mark Montgomery of the aptly named Great College Advice. In his article, Student-to-Faculty Ratios: What Do These Statistics Mean? Mark analyzes these statistics and gives students some information about how much they should weigh in your considerations. The answer may surprise you.

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  • Getting Help With Mathematics is one of the most important things a numerically perplexed student could do (especially for the dreaded math portions of the SAT and ACT). David Cassell of Select Courses Blog can help. Don't let yourself be plagued by decagons any longer.
  • Though 'counting' is a much easier math subject that harkens back to Kindergarten days, Susan of College Parents knows that students and even parents can sometimes have trouble with it. That's why she gives us her 5 Tips for Making College Affordable. Surprisingly, it comes down to the simple practice of counting your nickles and dimes and making sure they're all in order.
  • Patrick A. Sizemore of School is Hard tells us a little bit about his Blue Pen Theory, which he discovered in looking over past assignments and spotting that those written in blue ink scored, on average, 10 percentage points higher than those written in other colors. "Looking for that tiny, extra edge? Think ink," says Patrick. Could this also help on your college applications? It certainly wouldn't hurt to try

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  • Dealing with students' artistic endeavors, Ian & Sandra Griffin over at Step into College tells us what happens when the college admissions process meets Iraq. Focusing on some talented student playwrights and performers, the Griffins highlight a few students' artistic interpretations about the turbulent admissions process.
  • Extra Curriculars Can Make the Difference in a college application according to O'rene Ashley of CEOmum. Not only will this great article tell you all the reasons why clubs and other organizations will help out with college admissions, but also how to address them in your application to optimize your chances.
  • According to Phil for Humanity's titular Phil B., The Dilemma for Young Women is "choosing education and a career versus starting a family early in life." Teenaged girls interested in college may find some helpful tips for dealing with this difficult balance in their professional careers.

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  • Next, an anecdote from student blogger Andy Hunt of Scholars for Students about "a Brown applicant waiting for his admissions decision." Tom Howard is Waiting, says Andy, and his personal experiences may guide other similarly situated students.
  • Perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of the college application is The Personal Statement, and CampusGrotto's Ted Reimers wants to help you with it. You shouldn't be making the same mistakes that other students make; let Ted help you out.

And that concludes the third Carnival of College Admissions. Another big thank you to all of this week's contributors. Be sure to submit an article to the next weekly edition by using the submission form. Editions come out weekly, so make sure to check back next week for the latest college admissions articles. The fourth edition will be hosted by Mark Montgomery over at Great College Advice, so make sure to send him plenty of articles to include.

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Thanks for getting this off the ground. I'm looking forward to hosting next week.

- Mark Montgomery, 04/10/08 at 6:46 am

Thanks for the advice... im looking for funds to support my post-graduate degree right now.

- James, 04/22/08 at 4:17 pm

I think the first one, Class of 2012, is very useful and important. Deciding which college to go to is a lot more complicated than strictly academic for most people. The idea of going to a school on the other side of the country could be very intriguing, but you really do need to find out as much about the school and surrounding area as possible. Could end up being a really bad decision if you don't put enough thought and consideration into it.

- Jacinda, 05/02/08 at 6:12 am

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