Is an Online College right for me?

Online college programs -- also known as distance learning -- is a relatively new concept that many people are still skeptical about. USA Today reported that just a scant 33% of professors trust online learning.

This does not mean, however, that there is no value to online college. In fact, many programs nowadays will yield a degree identical and every bit as well-respected and accepted as a traditional one. But is a distance learning program right for you?

Remember that:

  • In online colleges, most of the material you learn is text-based. This is bad for those of you like to have things explained by teachers.
  • Even though there are online chatrooms and bulletin boards to talk to your peers, most of the work is done individually. Those who like a group setting may be uncomfortable with this.
  • You make your own schedule and are responsible for your own education. If you have problems staying organized or tend to procrastinate, this may get you in trouble.

If you think an online program may be right for you, then don't be scared away. An online college is still one of the most flexible and convenient ways to earn a degree. Just remember that you will have to work just as hard and make just as much of a commitment as would be required in a traditional, physical college.

For more information, be sure to read my article about Common Questions and Concerns about Online Degrees. It's also a good idea to read up on phony online colleges and How to Spot a Diploma Mill.

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