Ivy League Admissions Statistics for 2007

The news that the amount of students applying to college skyrocketed for 2008 has worried many applicants. To calm fears, I have taken a look at the average recent application and compared it with the 2007 applications and admissions rates (as well as data from previous years) and have discovered that the selectivity of many elite ivy league colleges has not changed to a degree that many may expect.

For comparison purposes, here are some top schools' admissions statistics from 2007:

      SAT scores by percentile
  Acceptance Rate Students in top 10% of HS class 25th 75th
Brown 13.5% 94% 2010 2290
Columbia 10.4% 88% 1980 2200
Harvard 9.0% 90% 2080 2370
University of Pennsylvania 17.7% 91% 1980 2250
Princeton 10.2% 95% 2050 2360
Yale 8.6% 95% 2080 2370

What should this mean to me?

If you fit into an accepted student profile for 2007, chances are good that you will also match the profile for 2008 or beyond. Despite the greater number of applications to each of the ivy league colleges, I expect that the admissions statistics for 2008 will remain relatively unchanged. Scoring in the top 10% of your high school's graduating class will still be the utmost importance, along securing an SAT score comfortably within the bounds of the 25th and 75th percentiles.

Application statistics may have gone way up for 2008, but it does not appear that admissions statistics will be fundamentally different.

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I believe your final comments to be right on the mark. With some schools abandoning the ED too, some rejects have panicked, not realizing the schools with the ED still in place had so many applications. I suspect the admissions nos. will end up in the same ball park.

- Dee, 03/03/08 at 11:23 am

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