Can I Slack Off in My Senior Year?

Student suffers from senioritisThe spring semester of your senior year is the most tempting time to start slacking off. With admissions letters rolling in, students feel as if they can stop worrying about the rest of their senior years. After all, you have already been accepted to the college of your choice, so working hard to maintain that 4.0 doesn't feel necessary.

Do I have to worry about the rest of my senior year?


It is very important to maintain the same level of academic performance for the rest of your senior year, even when you feel yourself succumbing to senioritis. Your college acceptance is contingent on your ability to finish your high school career. Though you may only feel yourself slacking from an A to a B, it is very easy to slip down into Cs or Ds without realizing it, potentially jeopardizing your ability to graduate on time.

Additionally, colleges receive a final transcript of your grades once you graduate and are able to rescind your admission if they feel that your academic performance is not longer up to their standards. Many universities will check, and students have had their admissions letters revoked for low grades due to senioritis.

Even if your admission is not in danger of post-acceptance revocation, many colleges make determinations for merit-based scholarships after receiving your final grades. If you do not maintain your grades to the end of your senior year, you may lose your eligibility for these scholarships.

College is not going to be any easier than high school, and it is important to keep up with your studying skills. Slacking for your last semester in high school will only leave you struggling in your first semester of college. Keep studying and working hard and you will find yourself well-prepared for your first year at your university.

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The senior year is the year to work the hardest if you want to get into a course that is competetive or requires high grades, like engineering.

- Amelia, 02/13/11 at 6:31 pm

This is such a good point and is so important. My husband started slacking A LOT his senior year in high school and was unprepared for university. It is so important to stay focused and it is not only for the grades but in school you build on a set of knowledge and if you don't get the knowledge you will find the future classes harder as you now have to review what you did not learn when you were suppose to.

Hope my kids find this blog when they are seniors (:


- Selina, 03/16/11 at 10:03 pm

Actually going to college is much harder than high school classes, especially since a lot of high schools are focuses on "pushing" kids through the system. It makes it very difficult to teach students when they don't know the basics, and a lot of students have the attitude that college is for socializing and partying.

If I had advice to give to college bound students it is to start strong, unfortunately the best students are those who are older, and really understand the benefits of getting a degree.

- Jalany, 06/03/11 at 3:30 pm

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