There are many ways to perceive addiction to gambling, but viewing it as a learned habit is also beneficial. This behavior may have been learned from another person, or self-educated, but it’s something that would not occur spontaneously in the way a disease might.

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It can be a helpful viewpoint to consider because if gambling addiction is viewed as an acquired habit then you would assume it can also be unlearned and put in its place a new behavior.

When we understand that we have an addiction to gambling we will make a deliberate effort to bring about change in our lives.

Locating yourself within these six stages of addiction may be beneficial for you. Such phrases do not always occur linearly, though they will often accompany one another:

  1. Pre-contemplative:
    The problem has not been seen and there is, therefore, no motivation for change
  2. Contemplative:
    Thoughts arise as to whether the change is required or possible
  3. Planning:
    A decision is made that change is required and possible – and plans are made with regards to how this is going to happen
  4. Action:
    Plans are put into action
  5. Maintenance:
    Barriers are put in place to ensure continued success
  6. Relapse:
    The addiction takes hold once more and the individual re-enters the pre-contemplative stage